Laptop Screens Facts – Transparent Laptop Screens

Transparent Laptop Facts And Myths

Transparent laptops are a relatively new invention when it comes to real production but they have existed for a few years in an experimental home version kind of way.  The home version is something often very different from what you can now buy though.  The initial idea is just that you need to project what is behind a screen onto the screen itself.  From this initial fact, many have made some fairly convincing videos and pictures on the internet that appear as though their laptop screens are transparent when in reality, they are normal laptop screens that just provide the image of transparency.

A transparent laptop skin is also an interesting way to protect your laptop while using it away from home, they are generally fairly inexpensive, less than $10.00, and can protect your laptop from the elements, or from coffee or beer if you are using your laptop in a cafe or bar.  Do not be confused though, a transparent laptop skin is not a means by which to make your laptop transparent, rather it is a variety of protection offered at relatively low cost.

Transparent Laptop

As for the transparent laptop, there are many videos and instructional websites to show you how to create such a reality in your own living room.  Generally, you need to choose what it is you would like to see behind your laptop, place your laptop within that frame as accurately as possible, and then place a camera behind your lapttop screen that will then pickup that information as accurately reflecting what is behind it, and lining up with that image.  This trickery provides the illusion that the laptop is transparent when it is actually just a regular one with a cleverly placed camera and some direct x active wallpaper software in all likelihood.  There are some slightly more ornate versions of this idea that are on the internet as well but most  of them boil down to this idea of projecting what’s behind the laptop screen onto the laptop screen itself.

That was until Samsung came to the consumer electronics show this year in Las Vegas, NV where they unveiled a truly transparent laptop screen.  It is called an OLED, or Organic Light Emitting Diode, that actually allows upwards of 40% of the light behind the laptop to travel through the screen itself.  The icons that are on the screen are more opaque but the entire screen does provide the option, to a certain extent, of seeing what is behind it.  One may ask themselves why someone would want a transparent laptop screen but really, especially for those that ride the train every day, it is quite convenient to be able to work on the screen in front of you and still be able to see what lies behind it.  Transparent laptops seemed like something reserved for a distant fanciful future like flying cars, time travel, and talking animals, but it appears that this idea has actually become a reality.